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Alltel Wireless Coverage Map

About the Alltel Coverage Maps

Alltel® is an independent cell phone service provider, in a small number of states. They offer prepaid phone service, contact cellphone service, and wireless home phone service. The network used to be available in a much larger portion of the country, but has since been purchased by cell phone giants such as AT&T® and Verizon®. Coverage is available nearly nationwide, though initializing coverage is only available to people who live in certain zip codes.

Coverage Available from Alltel

Alltel offers nationwide coverage[+] with a combination of 3G 1xRTT technology, and EVDO 4G technology. Nevada seems to be where the biggest lack of coverage is though other states such as California, Washington, and Montana, lack a considerable amount of coverage with this network.

Coverage Maps for Alltel

  • 3G Map:The 3G coverage is fairly far and wide, but the 1xRTT technology used to create the 3G data speeds is technically 2.5G, even though ITU’s IMT-2000 spec considers it a 3G technology.
  • 4G Map: Alltel offers EVDO 4G technology. The coverage is available in many areas, and where 4G is not available, 3G is available to take its place.
  • LTE Map: It does not appear that this carrier offers 4G LTE.
  • WiMax Map:This time Alltel does not offer 4G WiMAX coverage.

Important Information About Alltel Coverage Maps

It is important to consider that coverage maps provided by Alltel are only an estimate of where coverage should be. Just because the map indicates coverage is available in your area, does not guarantee coverage will actually be available. Many factors such as your exact location and the device you are using will affect your coverage availability. In order to use the 4G technology, your phone must be compatible with the technology. If your phone’s Wi-Fi capable, you will be able to connect to any Wi-Fi network provided you have the password. This can help you save money on your data plan, and keep you connected to the Internet when 3G and 4G technology are not available.

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  1. Dave Hillman says:

    Have a summer cottage in North Springfield, PA. Would like phone service from May 1-Oct.18. Is this possible?

  2. lynn says:

    Pls be informed if taman baiduri banting was under altel coverage?

    • Juliana says:

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