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AT&T Wireless Coverage Map

About the AT&T Coverage Maps

AT&T® is a leading provider cellular phone, home phone and DSL Internet service. It claims to be the nation’s most reliable 4G network. Verizon wireless also makes this claim, but the companies use two different studies to support their advertising claims.

Coverage Available from AT&T

AT&T offers voice and data coverage on both a national and international level[+]. 3G, 4G, and 4G LTE coverage is available in most areas nationwide. International coverage is only available in some countries. 2-D coverage is also available for those who don’t do not use traditional smart phones.

Coverage Maps for AT&T

  • 3G Map:The AT&T 3G map shows coverage throughout most of the United States. There are a few locations in the western part of the state that have very spotty coverage or no coverage at all based on the map. What AT&T doesn’t offer usually has coverage available through partner network.
  • 4G Map:There is very little difference between the AT&T 3G map and the AT&T 4G map period however to connect at 4G speeds, you must have a phone capable of using 4G data.
  • LTE Map: The LTE map is more difficult to see because it requires you to zoom into a specific local area to view coverage of availability. It is safe to assume that the LTE coverage is not as widely available as the 4G and 3G coverage is In order to use LTE coverage you must have a compatible device.
  • WiFi Map:AT&T does not have Wi-Fi available. However, if your phone supports Wi-Fi connectivity you can connect to any Wi-Fi hot spot in the country. If the Wi-Fi hotspot is password-protected, you must have the password in order to connect to it.

Important Information About AT&T Coverage Maps

AT&T provides coverage maps for educational purposes only and may have guarantee that coverage will actually be available in any given location. these maps should be used as a general guideline to help you purchase the best possible cell phone coverage for your area. These maps should informational purposes only.

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