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Boost Mobile Wireless Coverage Map

About the Boost Mobile Coverage Maps

Boost® Mobile is a prepaid cell phone service provider that offers service on the Nationwide Sprint® Network. Though generally reliable in areas where coverage exists, venturing outside those areas proves to provide patchy coverage at best. The Sprint network itself has far more coverage available than Boost.

Coverage Available from Boost Mobile

Boost® offers coverage[+] on the same network as Sprint®, though Sprint’s coverage is spread further. Though coverage is available nationwide, it is not as far spread and as reliable as coverage provided from other major networks such as AT&T® and Verizon®. 3G, 4G, 4G LTE, and WiMax coverage are available, though not in all areas. Boost has dead zones in the western United States and in less populated areas in the east.

Coverage Maps for Boost Mobile

  • 3G Map: The 3G map shows a lot of coverage on the east coast, with a lot of “no coverage” in the central United States, and a decent amount of 3G coverage in the Western U.S. More dead space exists in Western states. If you’re traveling across the United States on a regular basis for work, then another network could be a good idea.
  • 4G Map: The 4G map is similar to, but spottier than the 3G map. You must zoom in to a specific local area to find out more about the available coverage, but it appears to closely match the 3G network. You must have a compatible device in order to use the 4G coverage.
  • LTE Map: The 4G LTE map is similar to, but spottier than the 4G map. You must zoom in to a specific local area to find out more about the available coverage, but it appears to closely match the 3G network. You must have a compatible device in order to use the 4G coverage.
  • WiMax Map: There is very little nationwide WiMax 4G coverage available on the Boost Network.

Important Information About Boost Mobile Coverage Maps

Boost coverage maps are a rough estimate of where coverage should be available, designed to help you make sure you will be able to use your phone at your address before you make a purchase. Even when the map indicates coverage will be available, you may not have coverage, and if you do have coverage in certain places, the coverage may falter from time to time, depending on your exact location at the time.

10 Comment(s) on Boost Mobile Wireless Coverage Map

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  1. boost mobile customer says:

    I currently have boost mobile as my cellular provider. They provide spotty signal bar strength at best where I live, and if I need to drive north out of town, I lose all service completely as so as I hit the freeway on ramp. If I drive south, I have great signal strength……but, for how far?!. The only thing that’s great about boost mobile is there is “no contract” pay monthly service. But yet, how can they provide a service, when there really isn’t one!. Boost mobile needs to take some serious foot notes from Metro pcs. C’mon guys, seriously…….get it together!!!.

  2. jane says:

    Me and my son have boost mobile cells and it doesnt have signal or coverage in Olney,Tx.Why not?Is there an app we can download or what can you please help me out asap.

  3. a cutomer says:

    This service earns a “Zero ” rateing from Me !!! Not only is the signal WEAK at best .You will never speak to a human for anything !!!!

  4. sharon says:

    When Im Traveling. To Parts Of Louisiana. I can never. Get a signal. And I need. My phone. In case. Of a emergency r

    • Nuri says:

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  6. billy says:

    Does boost cover Alabama

  7. Justin says:

    This service is ridiculous. I am paying for 4GLTE service and my phone is always SEARCHING for 3G service. I have to restart my phone to receive The 4GLTE and that only lasts, if I’m lucky, 3 minutes. I’ve been through two different phones. Both have been pretty advanced. I’ve called on a quite a few different occasions to fix the issues. Yet, every time I call they say there’s something wrong with the tower and they give me a date that it will eventually be fixed. This last time I called, they said the towers were all working at 100% efficiency. But as soon as I said I tried everything they told me before; update PRL, update profile, ##72786#, they said well I am now seeing a distress from our towers. As sson as I can I’m done with this service for good. This carrier used to be good but since May it has gone to shit. I wasted almost $200 on new phones and continued service, trusting the issue would be resolved but it’s obvious that I’m only being scammed. If you do not have this service and are considering it DO NOT. I REPEAT, DO NOT GO WITH BOOST!!!!

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