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CellularOne Wireless Coverage Map

About the CellularOne Coverage Maps

The CellularOne™ brand[+] is licensed to independently owned and operated wireless providers in the United States and Bermuda. As of November 2013, it is licensed to operate in Montana, Wyoming, Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Louisiana and Bermuda.

Because it is licensed to independent companies, it is one of the smaller cell phone brands out there, and it is not easy for customers to see a nationwide look at the coverage options. You must first provide a zip code to prove you live in a service area before you can even find out information about the company and the services offered in your area. If you do not live in one of the service areas, you are connected with partner deals from other wireless companies.

Coverage Available from CellularOne

Voice coverage is provided nationwide, either through CellularOne, or through one of their partner networks. 3G coverage is also offered, but may not be available in all areas.

Coverage Maps for CellularOne

  • 3G Map:CellularOne does provide 3G data coverage[+], but the service area depends on where you live. Since the name is licensed, coverage from providers will vary based on where you live and where you start service. There are a lot of areas where no service is offered.
  • 4G Map:CellularOne does not offer 4G coverage of any kind.
  • LTE Map:CellularOne does not offer 4G LTE coverage.
  • WiFi Map:CellularOne does not offer Wi-Fi for devices, or WiMax coverage.

Important Information About CellularOne Coverage Maps

CellularOne coverage maps are only an estimation of where coverage is actually available. Even if a map indicates that coverage should be available in your area, it does not mean it will be. Many factors, such as your exact location at any given time, will influence service availability. If you travel often, CellularOne is not a wise service provider choice for you, as coverage with this network is very spotty. If you want access to 4G data speeds, you must choose another network.

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  1. Autrey Marr says:

    So unhappy with my service and just renewed my 2 year contract !! Never, ever again. I am 100 miles ( for 2 days ) from where my service was activated and have No service whatsoever !

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