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Cricket Wireless Coverage Map

About the Cricket Coverage Maps

Cricket Wireless® is a prepaid cell phone service provider, offering nationwide service. The service is only available to start to customers who live in certain states, though coverage[+] is available to those customers in most areas, should they decide to travel. AT&T® bought Cricket’s parent company, Leap Wireless International in July 2013. It stands to reason that Cricket will soon be running off of the AT&T network and will continue to expand.

Though the coverage map looks like it provides coast to coast coverage, this is only in terms of voice and text. The actual 3G and 4G networks are much smaller and more spotty.

Coverage Available from Cricket

Cricket Wireless offers voice and texting, 3G, and 4G LTE coverage to their customers. Not all coverage is available in all areas. You must have a 4G LTE compatible device to use the 4G coverage if it is available in your area. This is a network where coverage is provided with roaming charges, and if you are “roaming” your service will cost more. Many networks have done away with roaming fees, and it is possible the AT&T acquisition could change this for current customers.

Coverage Maps for Cricket

  • 3G Map:Only a small part of the country offers 3G technology. There are a few dead spots throughout the country, mostly out west, where little to no coverage is available. These are usually less densely populated areas.
  • 4G Map:The only 4G coverage available through Cricket is LTE.
  • LTE Map: 4G LTE coverage is available on the Cricket Wireless network, though there is only a small selection of 4G LTE compatible phones available through Cricket. If you do not have one of these phones, you will not be able to use the coverage. People using non-compatible devices in areas where the coverage is available will automatically get 3G coverage.
  • WiMax Map:Cricket Wireless services do not offer 4G WiMax coverage.

Important Information About Cricket Coverage Maps

Cricket Wireless coverage maps are available only for informational purposes. Even in areas where the map indicates coverage may be available, you may have no coverage. Your exact location and device are two factors in your coverage availability. Use these maps as a general guideline to help you decide if you want to go with this carrier before making a purchase.

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  1. need coverage says:

    I live at 1754 roe hill rd brooks ky,,40109 an we need something more than Verizon that’s all we have, Louisville water co. Has built a tall water tower in the area were we need service ,please click it out it would be very easy to put a antenna on top so we could have a chose o pick from at&t is very week here ,no t- mobile an no sprint ,we need something please look an check it out the water tower in on knob creek rd.,thanks Danny Stinnett

  2. Merry Z says:

    How about a legend on the map?!!

  3. Bob W says:

    What is “Partner Talk & Text” Coverage? Who is the “partner?”

  4. mary says:

    Does cricket cover Littlefield

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