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CSpire Wireless Coverage Map

About the CSpire Coverage Maps

CSpireĀ®, formerly known as CellularSouth is a wireless phone provider, that also provides Fiber to the Home high speed Internet service. Though coverage[+] is available nationwide, only customers living within a CSpire service area are eligible to establish service. The company offers both contract cell phones and pay-as-you-go cell phone service. Some international coverage is also available.

Coverage Available from CSpire

C-Spire has voice and texting coverage along with 3G coverage and 4G LTE coverage. Coverage for pay-as-you-go plans may vary from the coverage for contract plans.

Coverage Maps for CSpire

  • 3G Map: 3G coverage is available from coast-to-coast. There are quite a few dead spots in the Western United States the truth in Nevada and Utah. There are a few areas of no coverage in the central United States particularly in Montana and Oklahoma. Dead spots are also present in some parts of the North East and in West Virginia. For the most part however, you should be able to get service wherever you go.
  • 4G LTE Map:CSpire has a lot of work to do on their 4G network before they will be able to provide it to all customers. It is incredibly spotty all over the country though some states have higher concentration of 4G LTE availability than others. 4G LTE coverage is most widely available in Florida, parts of Texas, parts of Oklahoma and Nebraska, parts of the Oregon and California coast and throughout areas such as Ohio Wisconsin and Michigan. If you are unable to connect with 4G, you should still be able to get 3G coverage in those areas.

Important Information About CSpire Coverage Maps

The C-Spire coverage map is available as a guideline for where coverage should be available. If you live in an area that should be covered, that is not a guarantee of service. Many factors, such as the device you are using and your exact location at the time of your phone call or Internet usage, can affect your service availability. You must have a 4G LTE compatible smartphone or other device in order to use service. If you do not, you will be using 3G service.

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  1. Tingkulu says:

    I guess it depends on the peorsn using a particular model phone. For me, I only use the Caliber to pick up email off of my server and use it only to make certain calls (I know it sounds like cloak and dagger stuff). I have owned an on line business for the better part of 7 years and it allows me to respond to people and check my sales while away from home (sales are emailed to my server). I have Internet on my work computer so viewing the net is not a problem for me. I don’t need my phone for that purpose. I sure don’t need my phone for the Internet at home, I have a large network which consists of 3 desktops and 4 laptops, not including my netbook which are all running on the latest greatest wireless router technology (my router costs more than most people’s expensive phones). My work provides me with a free cell phone and most everyone I know, has that phone #, I’ve been at this particular job for 6 years and have had the same # for as long as I’ve been at my job so no need to give everyone my peorsnal phone #. Also, don’t care for those little bitty keyboards which I assume the Code has, I have very large hands and fingers so the Calibers QWERTY on screen keyboard works better for me when responding to emails This is another reason I’m staying away from the Craft, its a slider with a keyboard which will probably break at some point from use and of course the keys are small. I must say that the Caliber has never given me a problem, but again, it really depends on what a peorsn plans on using a particular model phone for. I will be selling my Caliber once I get the LG Optimus, The Caliber is in new condition and I have several cool Ed Hardy covers for it, (hate to see them go). I’m middle aged and work in an office environment so my phone is in Pristine condition. In fact, if I boxed it back up, people would think its brand new LOL. The good thing about the LG Optimus is it will be wifi enabled besides being an android. I plan on retiring from my job this coming year and running my business full time out of my home so my work phone will be going by the wayside when that happens.

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