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EcoMobile Wireless Coverage Map

About the EcoMobile Coverage Maps

EcoMobile® is a prepaid cell phone service provider that offers coverage[+] on the Nationwide Sprint® Network, like Boost® Mobile and Virgin Mobile. Though generally reliable in areas where coverage exists, venturing outside those areas proves to provide patchy coverage at best. It appears to offer the same coverage as Sprint, but this may or may not be the case.

Since the company runs on the Sprint network, if you have a Sprint device, you can bring it to EcoMobile so you do not have to purchase a new device.

Coverage Available from EcoMobile

As of November 2013, EcoMobile only provides voice, texting, and 3G service, based on the Sprint 3G network. Sprint 4G LTE is currently unavailable. Off network roaming is also currently unavailable. This means you will not be able to make use of another networks towers to use your phone when outside of your local area.

Coverage Maps for EcoMobile

  • 3G Map: The coverage is spotty, though a higher concentration of coverage is available in the East United States. Coverage is dense in areas such as Michigan, parts of New York, and Pennsylvania. The only states where coverage is available throughout the entire state are small ones such as: Rhode Island, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Delaware, Maryland, and Connecticut. There is a huge amount of dead space in the North West United States. No service is available throughout the state of Montana and only a small amount of service is available in certain parts of North Dakota, South Dakota, and Kansas. Very little service is available in Colorado and Nevada. Service is available yet spotty in: Washington state, Oregon, California, New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona.

This service would work best for those who live on the East Coast and do not travel often to the West Coast. There is no word about when 4G LTE will become available with the carrier, though actual Sprint customers can access it throughout the country.

Important Information About EcoMobile Coverage Maps

The coverage map is available as an estimate as to where coverage should be. Just because you live in an area that looks like it should be under coverage, does not mean it will be. Your exact location at the time of your phone call or Internet usage will play a role in whether or not it would be available. If you are someone who travels often for work, it may be a better idea to find another carrier that can provide true coast-to-coast coverage.

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