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Kajeet Wireless Coverage Map

About the Kajeet Coverage Maps

Kajeet® Mobile is a prepaid cell phone service provider, designed just for kids. It allows parents to limit who their children speak to, and allows phone use during certain hours of the day. Some plans include location services, so parents can locate their children. It offers service on the Nationwide Sprint® Network. Though generally reliable in areas where coverage exists, venturing outside those areas proves to provide patchy coverage at best. The Sprint network itself has far more coverage available than Kajeet, since Kajeet leases network space from them.

Kajeet allows you to bring your own phone to the network, if you don’t want to purchase one of thier phones. However, it appears that it must be a Sprint phone, or one that’s already on the Sprint network, and not all phones will work. Talk to a customer service representative to determine if your existing phone will work with Kajeet.

Coverage Available from Kajeet

Kajeet® offers coverage[+] on the same network as Sprint®, though Sprint’s coverage is more widely available. Though coverage is available nationwide, it is not as far spread and as reliable as coverage provided from other major networks such as AT&T® and Verizon®. 3G and 4G LTE coverage are available, though not in all areas. Kajeet has dead zones in the western United States and in less populated areas in the east. It is virtually the same network as Boost and Virgin Mobile.

Coverage Maps for Kajeet

  • 3G Map: The 3G map shows a lot of coverage on the east coast, with a lot of “no coverage” in the central United States, and a decent amount of 3G coverage in the Western U.S. More dead space exists in Western states. If you’re shopping for child friendly coverage in the west, then another provider is the better choice..
  • 4G Map:Even though Kajeet operates on the Sprint network, this provider does not offer standard 4G coverage.
  • LTE Map:The 4G LTE map is similar to, but spottier than the 3G map. You must zoom in to a specific local area to find out more about the available coverage, but it appears to closely match the 3G network. You must have a compatible device in order to use the 4G LTE coverage.
  • WiMax Map:Even though Kajeet operates on the Sprint network, this provider does not offer 4G WiMax coverage.

Important Information About Kajeet Coverage Maps

The Kajeet coverage map is not a surefire guarantee service will be available in your area. It is meant to help you see where coverage should exist. However, coverage may not be available in certain areas, even though it appears to be based on the mpa.

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