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Net10 Wireless Coverage Map

About the Net10 Coverage Maps

Net10® is a prepaid wireless carrier, that makes use of all four major networks[+] to help you get the best possible service. That tend to not have the own network, and much like its parent company TracFone®, operates as a virtual network operator, purchasing wholesale network space from wireless carriers such as AT&T®, Sprint®, and Verizon®. This allows you to get the cell phone service you need from major carriers without paying a major price tag. You’ll also be able to bring your own phone, provided it is compatible with one of the networks they use. You can use an unlocked phone with a SIM card as well.

Each phone will tend to favor its home network, and have difficulty roaming from network to network. The larger access to various network makes coverage easier, but coverage may not always the reliable with this type of setup. This type of coverage is cheaper, because Nert10 does not have to pay to build and maintain their own network.

Coverage Available from Net10

Net10 can offer both CDMA coverage and GSM coverage[+]. CDMA networks include: Verizon Wireless, Sprint, MetroPCS®, Cricket®, and U.S. Cellular®. GSM networks include: AT&T and T-Mobile®. Though both networks offer a considerable amount of nationwide coverage, CDMA coverage is a bit better than the GSM coverage. GSM coverage is not available in parts of the Western United States. These coverage issues tend to match the same coverage issues found in the major networks.

Coverage Maps for Net10

  • 3G Map: 3G coverage is available nationwide through all the networks Net10 uses. There may be some dead spots for all of the networks but those are typically in less densely populated areas.
  • 4G Map: Net10 does not provide 4G coverage unless it is 4G LTE coverage.
  • LTE Map: The 4G LTE coverage depends on which network your phone uses most often. Sprint has a large network, but so do the other networks Net10 leases their space from. This means you should have a decent amount of 4G coverage available. Remember, you must have a 4G compatible device in order to use this technology. If you do not, your phone will use 3G in its place. 3G technology is typically available in areas where 4G LTE is not.
  • WiFi Map: Net10 does not provide Wi-Fi coverage, but if your phone is compatible, it will connect to any open Wi-Fi network or any network that is password-protected that you are allowed to be on. Net10 does not provide 4G WiMAX coverage either.

Important Information About Net10 Coverage Maps

The coverage you will get is dependent on the network your phone is homed to[+]. The network your phone is homed to will largely depend on where you buy it, and the location where your service is to be established. TracFone and Net10 phones tend to be “homed” on the Sprint network first, followed by T-Mobile, then Verizon, and AT&T as a last resort. We suspect it has to do with pricing charged by the carriers to lease their network space. Check the coverage maps of the major carriers in your area before deciding which phone to purchase, but remember, these maps are only an estimate of where coverage will be available. It is not a guarantee service will work in your area.

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  1. kit says:

    I work in north Muskegon,mi and we sell your phones. Currently all phones are being returned ,and now customers are not even interested in your product. Your representative are rude and say that they cannot be activated here, so why sell them?

  2. can i get 4g coverage at zipcodr 41311 says:

    can I get the 4g service from a net 10 phone in zip code 41311?

  3. Becky says:

    why will my net 1o phone not get service in the 28705 zip code area?

  4. Chrystal Willams says:

    hi we do not get coverage on our cellphone in the area of winter wi either zipcode of 54896 and we already payed for our bills this month

  5. Chrystal Willams says:

    I want our money back this company sucks sorry your people are very rude and disrespectful when you try talking to them

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