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Page Plus Wireless Coverage Map

About the Page Plus Coverage Maps

Page Plus Cellular[+] is a provider of prepaid cell phone service. Though coverage is available nearly nationwide, customers in certain states are the only ones who can establish service.

There are voice only plans along with texting plans and unlimited data plans so you can use your device however you wish. You will not be able to use your phone outside of the United States Puerto Rico or the United States Virgin Islands. There is no international voice or data coverage available through Page Plus Cellular.

Coverage Available from Page Plus

The official page class coverage map indicates that the majority of the country has voice and EVDO data. There are some areas of the country out in the West in Texas, Nevada, Colorado, and a few other states where voice only coverage is available. There are also lots of areas scattered throughout the country where you are roaming. There are a few areas where no coverage is available in the majority of these areas are from Texas, west.

Coverage Maps for Page Plus

EVDO[+] stands for evolution data only/evolution data optimized. It is a type of 3G mobile broadband technology that Sprint, Verizon, and Alltel use. This technology provides typical download speeds of anywhere between 600 and 1400 K bps, with bursts up to 3100 K bps. It is not the same as HSPA technology, which is another 3G mobile broadband technology used by AT&T and T-Mobile. At this time, it appears that 4G mobile broadband technology is not available for Page Plus Cellular customers.

Important Information About Page Plus Coverage Maps

It is important to remember coverage maps are available for educational and informational purposes only. Just because a coverage map appears to indicate coverage in a particular area, does not mean service will actually be available there. Use the maps to determine which provider will provide the best coverage for where you will most often use your phone, at the best deal for the services you require..

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