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Solavei Wireless Coverage Map

About the Solavei Coverage Maps

Solavei® is a prepaid wireless that runs on one network T-Mobile®’s network[+]. Because T-Mobile is currently upgrading their network to support 4G HSPA+ on the 1900 MHz band, it will soon be able to support AT&T® devices as well. When the network enhancements go live, unlocked devices from both AT&T and T-Mobile can be brought over to Solavei. Solavei is different because it allows you to earn discounts for referring people to the carrier. Just six referrals will bring your bill down from $49/month to $9/month. It is not clear as to whether referrals must be brought in every month to earn those discounts.

Any unlocked phone with a SIM card can be brought to Solavei. If you do not have one, you can purchase one directly from Solavei.

Coverage Available from Solavei

Solavei offers 2G/voice coverage[+], along with 3G and 4G smartphone coverage. You must have a 4G compatible him and device in order to use any available 4G coverage. Coverage seen in Mexico and Canada is not included with your domestic plan.

Coverage Maps for Solavei

  • 3G Map: 3G coverage is available throughout the Solavei network, wherever 4G LTE coverage is available. However, you must have a compatible smartphone in order to use the 4TE technology. If you do not, your phone will automatically use 3G.
  • 4G Map:The only 4G coverage Solavei offers is 4G LTE.
  • LTE Map: LTE coverage is available for the majority of people who use Solavei service. The coverage map indicates only a few small areas where no coverage is provided. Some areas may experience coverage stronger than others, and some may get their coverage from one of Solavei’s partners.
  • WiMax Map:As of November 2013, it does not appear that Solavei offers 4G WiMax coverage.

Important Information About Solavei Coverage Maps

The Solavei coverage map is only meant to serve as a guideline for helping you choose the best network for your needs. If you see an area where coverage looks like it may be available, it is always possible coverage is not available, as a number of things impact availability at any given time.

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