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StraightTalk Wireless Coverage Map

About the Straight Talk Coverage Maps

Straight Talk®[+] is a nationwide prepaid phone service owned by TracFone®, sold by Walmart®, and operating on the Verizon® Wireless network.It also appears to run well on the AT&T network, so it is likely the company just leases space from the major carrier’s network, bouncing signal from tower to woer, regardless of which network it is actually on. Because it operates on the Verizon network, service should be available where any Verizon service currently works. However, just because you see coverage in an area on a coverage map does not mean coverage is actually available in that area. The SIM card program allows people to bring their own device to the network.

Coverage Available from Straight Talk

The official Straight Talk website does very little too inform customers about their coverage areas. Customers are required to enter their zip code where they will be using the phone most often to see a localized version of the coverage available in their area. After some digging, we were able to locate a nationwide coverage map, which shows coverage in the majority of the United States and in Puerto Rico. However we were not able to differentiate between 3G coverage 4G coverage or 4G LTE coverage. We did find a smartphone vs non smoker smart phone coverage maps that there was very little difference between the two.

Coverage Maps for Straight Talk

Straight Talk does not appear to offer 3G coverage. Some phones may achieve 4G speeds in certain areas. Areas where higher speed data connections are available will be spotty throughout the country.You can use wifi networks anywhere as long as your phone is capable of doing so.

Important Information About Straight Talk Coverage Maps

Remember, coverage maps are available for informational purposes only. They are designed to help you see where you should be able to get service, but they are not a guarantee that service will exist in any given area.

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