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T-Mobile Wireless Coverage Map

About the T-Mobile Coverage Maps

T-Mobile® is a leading provider of cell phone service, offering both prepaid and contact options to customers all over the country. Though coverage is available throughout the United States (and the world) it is only available to start in certain areas. The T-Mobile coverage map[+] boasts that 96% of Americans can get coverage with their T-Mobile service.

Coverage Available from T-Mobile

T-Mobile offers voice, 3G, and 4G LTE coverage. They use a study from July 2013 to suggest that they have more pathways in their network, so it less congested than the AT&T 4G network, resulting in less slowdowns during peak usage times.

Coverage Maps for T-Mobile

  • 3G Map: 3G coverage is available throughout the T-Mobile network, wherever 4G LTE coverage is available. However, you must have a compatible smartphone in order to use the 4TE technology. If you do not, your phone will automatically use 3G.
  • 4G Map:The only 4G coverage T-Mobile offers is 4G LTE. It claims to be the nation’s largest 4G network.
  • LTE Map: LTE coverage is available for the majority of people who use T-Mobile service. The coverage map indicates only a few small areas where no coverage is provided. Some areas may experience coverage stronger than others, and some may get their coverage from one of T-Mobile’s partners.
  • WiMax Map:As of November 2013, it does not appear that T-Mobile offers 4G WiMax coverage.

Important Information About T-Mobile Coverage Maps

T-Mobile coverage maps are only an estimated visual representation of where coverage should be available. It does not guarantee coverage will be available in any particular area. If you are struggling with data coverage in your area, you can connect to Wi-Fi networks in the area, should your phone have that capability.

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